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ProfilePipe Machinery recomend the following companies. We also work with a select group of machinery companies on a reference basis if we know their equipment works well. Our success over the years has come from helping our customers make good purchase decisions.

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Unicor GmbH

Unicor Machinery & Technology Systems are leaders in water cooled corrugator technology. Offering extrusion technology for the manufacture of corrugated tubing as small as 3mm ID to include machinery making corrugated pipes as large as 1.5 m. Unicor have great expertise in many extrusion materials used in plastic pipe extrusion, from the standard commodity materials of PP, PE and PVC to engineered materials such as Nylons and hi-temperature materials like PFA.

Unicor pipe corrugators are known for the horizontal orientation of the mold train, allowing tight inlet radii resulting in short die tooling, low back pressure and high outputs. The Unicor corrugator technology, mold blocks and die heads continue to evolve and offer customers robust high speed machinery for the production of corrugated pipe.



Adescor Inc are specialists in downstream equipment for corrugated pipe manufacturing. The group began in 1987 making production equipment for the Big 'O' pipe company and have slowly evolved to supply world class downstream equipment for corrugated pipe extrusion lines throughout the world.

Many products are available including a complete line of spin welders, cutoffs, takeoff tables, liner trimmers and fittings fabrication equipment. The group also offer corrugated pipe testing equipment. Most recently Adescor have introduced a line of pipe winders manufactured in North America under license of Mecasoft. These coilers are designed for smaller diameter HDPE pressure pipe and corrugated pipe.

Located in Huron Park, Ontario Adescor are well positioned to service their Canadian and US based customers. Many of the customers have plants within driving distance of Adescor, making service follow up easy. For those requiring a flight, Adescor are well positioned between Toronto and Detroit offering many air routing options.


FB Balzanelli

Specializing in automatic coilers, FB Balzanelli have become a highly respected company in the European and Noth American market, for providing dependable high speed fully automatic pipe coilers.

The products include coilers for small diameter tubing, solid wall pipe coilers and coilers for corrugated pipes to 200mm (8") OD. The coilers are designed to use PP strapping, and have a custom designed strapping head to reduce the maintenance known to occur on strapping machines.


We recomend Unicor GmbH, and have been selling their equipment for over 12 years. With many customers making corrugated pipe throughout North America Unicor are a world leading make of pipe corrugator technology. Get in touch with us for a quotation.

We offer a broad range of pipe extrusion downstream equipment. This includes pipe cutters, takeoff tables, crating equipment and many other accessory machinery used in a pipe plant. The equipment is made in Huron Park, Ontario by Adescor who have been building machinery for pipe extrusion plants for over 20 years.

We offer a range of pipe coiler solution for winding pipe or profiles in extrusion plants. From small manually operated single reel machines to large double head fully automatic systems, we have a pipe winder solution that will meet your needs. The machinery can be used in both solid wall or corrugated pipe extrusion systems.

We offer replacement molds for many types of pipe corrugators used in North America. We also offer proto-typing capability for technical tubes and hoses through a number of our partners. If you need molds made for a new part, and want us to organize the test run, we are happy to do so.