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Unicor hosting 4" corrugated doublewall pipe manufacturing symposium May 27, 2009

All corrugated pipe manufacturers are welcome to visit Unicor GmbH for their demonstration of 110mm outside diameter doublewall corrugated pipe being made at 30m/min. Accomplished on their newly updated UC125 corruugator this line speed is unheard of in the corrugated pipe industry. Using a newly designed die, advanced cooling plug technology and the updated UC125 this demonstration will be one to set new benchmarkls for pipe corrugator manufacturers.

For more information on the demonstration, please contact us and we will send you a registration card. We are also organizing a webcast for early June to present video and an overview of the symposium, again please contact us with your interest.

Contact about Unicor UC125 pipe corrugator symposium

Unicor hosting

Unicor pipe in pipe symposium held March 3, 2009 a great success!

Unicor have made major advances in the development of a corruguating process allowing the insertion of a pipe or electrical wires into the center of a corrugated pipe during extrusion. This is performed during the continuous extrusion corrugating operation as the pipe or wires are inserted through a cross head die extending within the pipe corrugator.

I had the opportunity to see the line in operation the week before the show and was greatly impressed. For the demonstration a 16mm PEX pipe was being inserted during the corrugation process into a 19mm ID corrugated pipe, without interruption. I watched as they ran the Unicor UC58 corrugator at 25m/minute making the corrugated tube without difficulty.

The UC58 utilized a special die head developed by Unicor, and vacuum mold blocks in the corrugator. The water cooling of the corrugator allowed for the high production speed on a standard 90 pair machine, and even faster speeds are possible on the UC58 120 pair machine.

During the open house symposium the following week over 40 visitors attended. Numerous technical presentations were made as well as the live demonstration of the operation of the complete line. From the reports I have heard the meetings were a great success.

The technology seems to have great opportunity in the pipe protection application, but seems to be even more interesting for use in North America to produce pre wired corrugated conduit. Please get in touch with us if you have interest in any of these applications and we will be happy to make a presentation to you on the process.

You can view a copy of the Unicor Pipe in Pipe Corrugator press release at the link provided.

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K 2007, Unicor GmbH sets new bar in corrugator design

The theme for Unicor at the show was "Service, Quality, Solutions and Innovations" which is the focus of the company today. They had ample projects to demonstrate their recent innovations, including the new fast changeover mid sized double wall die tooling, the new UC1200 and UC1800 American market model of shuttle corrugator and the recent launch of their new econo model of UC58 corrugator.

On the Tuesday prior to the show they had an open house at the Unicor manufacturing facility in Hassfurt to demonstrate the new UC1800. There were companies from Europe, South America and the United States there to watch a startup and the running of 48" ID pipe. All who attended thought the line was impressive in its simplicity, and a design that should present Unicor many opportunities in the large diameter corrugator market. Of special interest to many was the 24" mold block carrier design allowing for compatibility to existing profiles, and even more interesting was a parking station capability to handle a cuff mold of different length from the pipe molds.

Via internet video broadcast visitors of UNICOR´s booth used the opportunity to view the UC 1800 live in production process at UNICOR´s technical lab in Hassfurt, Germany. During this broadcast UNICOR also presented its new remote maintenance system that is optionally included in the UC 1800. With this tool UNICOR´s service engineers can look into the machine control by internet connection in order to solve problems. The advantage of this system allows Unicor to perform remote training and troubleshooting so that downtimes can be reduced to a minimum, thereby saving money.

The first morning of the show opened with the launch of the new Unicor web site at A fresh clean look with ample information about the Unicor products and corrugating techniques engage the users of the new site.

During the show the booth was steady, and often crowded as customers and prospects from all over the world visited to talk about their corrugated pipe interests. They were engaged by many of the key sales, technical and service staff from Unicor who attended the show. No matter what they wanted to talk about their was somebody from Unicor with the expertise to assist in the answer, and with the many language skills offered by the Unicor sales department it was easy to communicate.

The 2007 show was one to remember, not by the typical competitive antics of other corrugator competitors, but by the great interest in Unicor's quality products and solutions for corrugated pipe production.

Unicor hosting
Unicor hosting

K2007, Adescor Inc., unveils its first automatic coiler made in America

This was the first K show for the team at Adescor, and a fitting time to show video of the new automatic coiler for drainage tubing which has just been built and tested. The show generated great interest about in-line bell technology which seems to be gathering interest in the European market. Adescor have proven to be the leader in cutting and handling and later trimming in-line bell production after pipe corrugating, with equipment in almost every major corrugated pipe producer in North America.

Also of note for the adescor products are the new punch perforator designs they are offering for 12" - 60" double wall pipes.

For more information about the Adescor line of corrugated pipe downstream equipment please get in touch with us.

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Adescor to manufacture Mecasoft automatic coilers

Adescor Inc. become North American licensee to manufacture the Mecasoft automatic pipe coilers in North America.

For Immediate Release:
Friday, February 23, 2007
Contact: Tony Kime
Adescor Inc.
(819) 689-2100

London, Ontario - Adescor Inc. is pleased to announce a licensing agreement with Mecasoft of Soultz, France for the exclusive manufacturing and support of the Mecasoft coilers in the American market.

Mecasoft is a European leader in automatic coiling technology, with over 130 machines installed in corrugated and solid wall pipe plants. Mecasoft have two machines in North America, and with this new manufacturing and support agreement expects the coiler technology to make much better penetration into this market.

Adescor, with machinery manufacturing in Exeter, Ontario have the capacity to build the machinery and customers who are looking for a North American made and supported coiler solution. Adescor will be substituting North American electro-mechnical components on the machines allowing for local supply of typical maintenance parts. The first unit to be built has been sold, so Adescor plan on building a second at the same time, the two machines should be ready by late summer.

“This method of adding new designs to Adescor speeds up our launch of new technology, and reduces our risk in the development of a new process” states Tony Kime, partner in Adescor Inc. “Why start from scratch when we can access a known and proven technology that has been used successfully many times over”.

Pipe manufacturers in North America have been looking at automatic coilers for many years, but the step to buy a European design is a hesitant one. People understand the potential benefit, but the “down time” is a big concern for many prospective buyers. “With Adescor's reputation in North America, competent service technicians, and the incorporation of off the shelf American components, we hope to reduce the hesitation of many prospective buyers” states Bill Kime, President of Adescor Inc.

The Mecasoft coilers are designed in many configurations, in both single and double reel winding. They are equipped with automatic cutting, pipe feeding, winding and strapping systems and can also include stretch wrapping and automatic pull string blowing. The coiler has been adapted to many customer needs and has tremendous flexibility in features offered.

Adescor is a privately held company located in Exeter Ontario specializing in downstream and accessory equipment for corrugated pipe plants. Many of the major corrugated pipe producers in North America are customers of Adescor.

More information about the Adescor products can be obtained by visiting their agents web site at or by calling Tony Kime at 519-235-0870.

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Download the .pdf
version of this Adescor press release

As Published in Plastics Technology, May 2007 "New Source for Automatic Pipe Coilers"  

Adescor acquire corrugated pipe machinery business

Armtec Limited Partnership sell the ongoing operations known as the Big ‘O’ Machinery Group located in Exeter, Ontario for manufacturing corrugated pipe machinery

For Immediate Release:
Monday, September 27, 2004
Contact: Tony Kime
Adescor Inc.
(519) 235-0870

London, Ontario - Adescor Inc. of Exeter, Ontario has purchased the corrugated pipe machinery business formerly known as the Big ‘O’ Machinery group owned by Armtec Limited Partnership of Guelph, Ontario. The Big ‘O’ Machinery group has operated since 1988 in Exeter, Ontario, manufacturing downstream equipment such as cutoffs, spin-welders, and other specialized material handling and fabrication equipment for corrugated pipe production.

Adescor has been formed by a group of four investors all experienced in the corrugated pipe industry with combined experience of over 100 years in the industry. None of the investors are active as pipe manufacturers.

Adescor plan to expand the product offering into automatic coiling with the objective to offer a system that will simplify the task of coiling small packages of corrugated tubing - while keeping the capital investment in line to the potential savings. Stated by Tony Kime, investor and sales representative for Adescor “the current automatic coilers available on the market have a high investment and low labor savings, while they may meet the objective of automatic coiling, they typically fail to reduce the manpower required in the operation with no resultant savings. At Adescor we want to offer an automated coiling solution with a capital investment considering this reality.”

Adescor will be focusing on maintaining its current customer base and growing the international business by capitalizing on the experience and designs developed by the group over the years.

For more information contact Tony Kime, Adescor Inc. phone 519-235-0870


We are a supporter of Unicor GmbH and work with them on corrugator projects. We have been selling and supporting their equipment for over 17 years. With many manufacturers using their corrugated pipe machinery in North America, Unicor are a world leader of pipe corrugator technology. Get in touch with us for a quotation.

We offer a broad range of pipe extrusion downstream equipment. This includes pipe cutters, takeoff tables, crating equipment and many other accessory machinery used in a pipe plant. The equipment is made in Huron Park, Ontario by Adescor who have been building machinery for pipe extrusion plants for over 20 years.

We offer a range of pipe coiler solution for winding pipe or profiles in extrusion plants. From small manually operated single reel machines to large double head fully automatic systems, we have a pipe winder solution that will meet your needs. The machinery can be used in both solid wall or corrugated pipe extrusion systems.

We offer replacement molds for many types of pipe corrugators used in North America. We also offer proto-typing capability for technical tubes and hoses through a number of our partners. If you need molds made for a new part, and want us to organize the test run, we are happy to do so.