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Pipe rotators/ Pipe alternators

Pipe rotators are used prior to crating plastic pipe which has been belled. When the bell is larger than the pipe it is typical in the crating process to offset the bells and stagger then ends which helps to reduce the distortion of the bell. There are typically two ways to stagger the bells, the first and more expensive method is to use a double headed belling which will bell the pipe in pairs producing a bell at opposing ends of the pipe. This method of belling is well suited for very high production speeds and more specifically belling short lengths of pipe which typically puts a high piece count per minute.

The more typical way of alternating the pipe ends is to use a pipe alternator also known a rotator or turner. We offer two basic designs, the first being a cantilevered double beam which is used for smaller light weight pipes and integrated within the Adescor equipment, and the second design is a stand alone scissor lift. Both designs use a pneumatic rotary cylinder to actuate the 180 degree turn for lighter weight pipes, and may be converted to hydraulic if lifting heavier longer length pipes.

The typical stand alone design which is incorporated into existing pipe handling systems is typically the scissor lift method. It is capable of high lifts, which allows the clearance of adjacent equipment. It is also appropriate for heavier pipe weights and long lengths.

The pipe rotators can be integrated within any Adescor downstream equipment, utilizing the existing control system, or they can be designed as stand alone with their own control system.

We typically find that a pipe rotator system has custom features to each project, which is driven by the surrounding equipment, pipe weights, lengths and cycle times. Adescor have a number of standard designs to draw off, and can quickly put together a quote for a pipe turning and packaging system.


Adescor 1224 PR

The 1224 pipe rotator is designed for heavier length of pipe up to 6m (24') in length. It is a hydraulically actuated rotator with a stand alone electrical system which is easily integrated into a customers existing pipe handling system.

Adescor pipe turner


Video of the Adescor Pipe Rotators/ Pipe Alternators

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